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Increasing Sales Through Improved Visual Information.
Poor Product Photography Loses Customers
Before we look at how 360 product photography can improve your online sales and profitability, consider these questions about your business:

How many customers like your product but buy from a competitor that offers a better online shopping experience?

How many customers have a question they need answering before they are willing to make a purchase, but lack the confidence, time, or opportunity to pick up the phone and call your customer services team?

How many customers skip past a boring looking product on your site, that would make them stop in their tracks if they saw it in real life?

How many customers conjure up an image of what the product will be like, based on limited product photographs, only to be disappointed when their order arrives?

The simple answer to all these questions is that you don't know.

"Poor product imagery is costing your business money through lost sales and customer returns"

Making The Online Shopping Experience Virtually Real
When shopping online customers require a huge amount of visual information to bridge the knowledge gap between this remote shopping experience, and a real life trip to the stores.
In a shop the customer can touch the product and look at it from every angle. Your ecommerce site should aim to replicate this experience as closely as possible.
If your product pages do not provide the information your customer needs to enable them to make a confident purchase decision, they will either shop for it elsewhere, or not buy the product at all.
By adding 360 product images you enable the customer to manipulate the product image by spinning it, and zooming in on any feature, as if they were rolling the product about in their hands.
This virtual interaction with the product will help develop the customer's relationship with it, building their confidence to the point at which they are ready to make a purchase.


HERE'S HOW 360 photography can boost your business:
sBringing The In Store Experience To Online Shopping

When a customer shops in store, they don't just look at the products available from a distance. They want to touch the product, roll it around in their hands and give it a thorough examination. Adding 360 photography to your web pages, enables the customer to inspect the product from all angels, boosting their confidence in the product and increasing the probability of a sale. Golfsmith, the large golf ecommerce store, achieved a 30% higher conversion rate on products which showcased 360 photography.

#Reducing Returns

Imagine how much money you could save if your returns were cut by 10%. It's not just the lost sale that hits your profits, but also the expense of staff processing the items, postage and packaging costs, and potentially a lost customer. 360 photography helps bring the customer's expectations of the product in line with reality. When they receive the delivery they will have a much clearer idea of what's inside the packaging, having seen the product in 3D online, decreasing the occurrence of customer dissatisfaction and subsequent returns. On average our clients see an 11% reduction in returns.

;Fewer Calls

Take some time to analyse what drives calls to your customer services telephone number. What type of queries do your staff spend time dealing with? We've already discussed how 360 product photography can cut returns, which will impact on the volume of post-purchase calls your customer team handles. But there are further savings to be made.

When the customer can see a product in a full spin on the screen, it decreases the likelihood of them calling customer services for additional information. Our clients benefit from a 24% reduction in pre-purchase customer calls.

sImproved Customer Satisfaction

360 photography improves customer satisfaction by making the customer's online experience more enjoyable, and helping them make an informed product selection. Spinning photos leave no part of your product hidden, showing you have faith in its design and quality, and building trust with the customer. Happy customers are a source of free advertising for your business since customers are 85 times more likely to share a positive shopping experience with friends (survey by Yotpo).

#Customer Experience Market Leaders

Early adopters of 360 photography are becoming the market leaders in terms of customer experience, and the quality of their user interface (UI). As touch screen technology evolves customers expect a more interactive experience, and the ability to spin a product, then zoom in on specific features will make a website stand out from the competition. This engagement with the product also keeps the visitor on your site longer, increasing the likelihood of making a sale. If your site is one of the earlier adopters of this technology in your market, your brand will be firmly lodged in the memory of your customers.

;Mobile Market Demand A 360 View

Online purchases from mobile devices are on the increase and according to a recent survey by Adobe, 54% of mobile device users say that 360 degree product views are the factor which would most influence their buying decision.

sGo Beyond The Website

360 product photography isn't just for websites, you can use it on various online publications to make the product stand out, engage the reader, and encourage user interaction. Golf Magazine currently offer a 360 degree view of their top club picks of the month.

#Support In Store Conversion

Jon Stine of Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group recently said that they found nearly 2/3 of all customers begin their buying process online. 360 product spins on your website will start the selling process before the customer even sets foot inside your shop. Once they handle the physical product it will already look familiar to the customer, improving the chances that their interest will convert to a purchase.

#Falling In Love Online

According to Jason Goldberg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Fab, more non-commodity, emotionally significant purchases are being bought online. For these personally important purchases customers are prepared to thoroughly investigate the products available and spend time considering the best option. 360 degree product spins allows your customers to interact, then fall in love, with your products online.

If your competitors are not yet using 3D product spins and 360 degree photographs, you have a great opportunity to stand out for your customers by offering them an online shopping experience they cannot get from anyone else.
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